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ﻼჱ Hello Dear~

por Laura SaintCroix, em 07.07.11

Hello my dear, how are you?
Today in particular I will posting in English, you know why? Of course you do not know.
Well, I will explain to you, are seeing the texture of the background of the blog?
This even just seen, it belongs to one person at deviantART, and I promised him to do a post about his gallery, so I'm doing in English.
Today is the day the Brazilians use the translator lol
So all credits go to this beautiful background:

James Podesta on deviantART!

Click on the link to go to his gallery n_n
It's just, that was it.
I promise you I will bring something good in this blog, some content.
For now, just.


So wait! I have a image e_e



Fall in Love, MWAHAHAHAHA! ♥